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Health Worker Housing


Volunteer Initiative


Indesign, Illustrator,, Google forms


Social media manager, copywriter, graphic designer

In March 2020 when COVID first hit, healthcare workers were being kicked out of their homes and others were scared to go home and infect their families. A colleague decided that we should connect these workers with people willing to lend out their empty units, and Health Worker Housing was born.

Within a few days we had a website up and running where people could sign up to find or share accommodations. Within a week, we hooked up with another group doing the same work in BC and Eastern Ontario. 

We combined our resources, and shared our knowledge. We wrote press releases and were featured on CTV, CBC and other prominent new sources.

My role on the team was social media manager. I oversaw the team's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages; wrote posts, shared of stories and collaborated with a very talented illustrator to create the initiative's aesthetic. 

Health Worker Housing Website
Health Worker Housing Instagram Feed
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